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There are two types of hosting for your application

Shared hosting this is where we host your instance on our shared infrastucture.

Dedicated hosting, here we host your instance on dedicated infrastructure.

Still Pricing

Our pricing has been kept as simple as possible so that there are no hidden costs.

£ 225 .00 /PCM

Running on our enterprise class infrastucture, includes 5 users, 5Gb of storage, a single Business unit, Rienzitech URL, All Still Modules, Office Hours Support


Running on our enterprise class infrastucture with your own dedicated architecture designed to suit your unique requirements, includes 5 users, a single Business unit, Own domain URL, All Still Modules, Office Hours Support, Custom Backups, Private Network, Stock Ledger

Add to your environment
Add On Price Description
Accounting System Integration P.O.A.

API integration to an external accounting system that you use.

Additional Business Unit 225.0 P/MO

Additional Business Unit / Site £1,250.00 once off setup fee.

Additional Functionality P.O.A.

Because Still is an iCala product, you are not limited to just the defined processes, what ever process you deem necessary can be easily added.

Additional User Packs 200.0 P/MO

Additional 5 user pack

Audits P.O.A.

Need to know what happened and by who, we can provide summarised audit information when nessessary.

Data Imports P.O.A.

Let us save you time by importing your existing data into Still. Reduce mistakes and time.

Woo Commerce Integration 180.0 P/MO

API integration to an external eCommerce web site selling your products. This will allow you to process the orders.

What does Still offer?
Feature Description
Accounts Integration

Still can be integrated to any accounting system that has an API. Most still reports also export to C.S.V so that you can import the data into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Automated Calculations

Throughout the activities in Still, calculations are performed for you where required, making sure that you have the most accurate information.


Multiple Sources, Intuitive Suggestions and calculations based on product being bottled, finished goods batch, tracks consumables and allows the addition of service charges. Quality control measurments.

Brand Customisation

Customise Still with your logo's name and even your own domain URL.

Capex vs Opex

No capital expenditure required, tax efficient operational cost to the business.

Cask Filling & Emptying

A dedicated process to blend and fill casks, recording all nessessary data points, QR code labels to identify all casks. Position Warehouse recorded.

Cask Management

Dedicated dashboard with drill down capabilities for casks and cask maturation management.

Cask Storage

Multi warehouse, cask groups, QR code cask details, Location in warehouse, Cask Wood history

Conversion from bond

Transfer alcohol stock from bond to duty paid, Still will produce the warrant and calculate the duty payable. Still can handle multiple duty rates.


Track inputs, outputs and duration.

Customisation components

There are a number of standard components that can be attached to processes and entities, these include a stock component, address components and more. If you need a particular component that is unique to your business we can create it for you.

Dispatch / Disposal

Dispatching or disposing of alcohol, Finished goods, Casks and generation of consignment notes and warrants.

External Communications

Automatically trigger emails, S.M.S or messages to groups when certain trigger points are reached.

Fairies Share

Keep track of the fairies share (often called the angels share).


Tracks sugar to alcohol conversion by recording SG and pH graphically. Calculates ABV using industry calculations.

Full Document Management

Still has full ISO9001 style document management where documents can be stored, versioned, expiry dates set and managed.

Intakes and deliveries

Intake of Dry goods, Alcohol, Casks, Packaging materials, Marketing materials etc.

Internal Communications

Still has its own internal messaging for users on the platform. Keep sensitive communications internal.

Internal WIKI

Need to keep a live working document available for users, the Wiki is perfect for this. Company documents, process definitions, howto's the list is endless.

Investor Stock

Manage and record investor stock as per cask maturation management.

Location Management

Location / Vessel dashboard, at a glance see what is held where.


Roller or Hammer mill, record quality control manage inputs and outputs along with duration for analysis against pre defined targets.

Multiple Distilling

Malt distillations, single, double or tripple distilled, Spirit distillations. Fairies share. Tasting notes with images, documents or video.

Multiple Facilities

If you have multiple sites, each site can have its own instance of still allowing for superior management.

Multiple Warehousing

Define multiple warehouses and locations within the warehouses.

Personal Journals and expense tracking

Each user gets their own personal journal and expense tracker, Journals are useful for notes, things to be remembered in fact anything at all, they are personal to the user and can be tagged and categorised.

Process Documents & images

Every activity has attachments where documents, images and video can be stored relevant to that particular process for analysis, audit or product refinement.

Product Production

Each production distillation is batched and controlled by a central activity making it easy to navigate and track progress. All the sub activities track inputs, outputs, duration and can compare to pre defined targets.

Production Targets

Define production targets, track progress on the dashboard and identify problems.

Production Yield tracking

Track the yields for each production run and identify where grains are not providing the expected yields.

QR code Printing

Still can produce QR codes at any process if required and these can be printed on a Zebra printer

Quality Sampling & tasting notes

The Standard operating procedures on activities allow for tasting notes to be captured at various points during the production cycle.

Real time Dashboards

Fully customisable dashboards, providing the right information at the right time.

Recipe Management

Define recipe's for product production to assist in getting consistent production.


Multiple standard reports are available including regulatory reports to aid in the production of excise submissions. Most reports also have export facilities allowing you to import the data into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Role based security

A comprehensive role based security system is active in Still, create roles where individuals can be limited to the requirements for their position.

Standard Operating Procedures

The SOP is a powerful task manager guiding the user through various check points and gates to ensure all the finer details are not overlooked.

Still Specification

Load the specifications for each still, the application will warn you if your load is out of specification.

Stock Ledger

Batches can span mulitple locations, Each alcohol batch records LPA and ABV, Automatic conversion of bulk litres from bottled stock.

Stock Transfers

Transfer or mix alcohol between containers as required.

Task Scheduler

Need to plan production, maintenance etc, the scheduler allows for activities to be auto generated at specific times or at recurring intervals.


The new buzz word is traceability, Because Still batch and track everything full traceability is available and can be accessed via an external web site (for consumers).

Useful Production Suggestions

Some activities will provide useful suggestions and calculations as you progress to ensure that you have all the information available at any time to make critical decisions.

Vessel Tables

Dip conversion tables for vessels, no more calculating the dip litres, just let Still look up you dip value and give you the quantity.

Product Production

Each production distillation is batched and controlled by a central activity making it easy to navigate and track progress. All the sub activities track inputs, outputs, duration and can compare to pre defined targets.